DK9 – New Dog Club in Town

Though the sport of competitive dog training originated out of the need to be able to control a dog in our modern society, it has evolved into variations of team-oriented, competitive canine sports available today.

The power of positive reinforcement

Obedience training, for example suggests submission, and this is not what DK9 wishes to project in modern competitive obedience.  It is all about TEAM PERFORMANCE – teamwork and harmony between TWO team members with a flowing demonstration of unity.  Team members are so in sync with each other they can understand and act upon the smallest cue from their partner.  As in all teams there must be a leader, but no teamwork can be completely successful if the team leader relies solely on blind obedience as the only factor controlling the performance.

To obtain this harmony, absolute attention is needed from BOTH MEMBERS OF THE TEAM.   We dedicate countless hours teaching our dogs to give us absolute attention and this demonstrated through our performances in the ring. Our aim in training is producing stunning STAR performances (that you get at home) and most importantly, in the ring.

Excellence, style and perfection. We’re everything but ordinary.


Events Coming Soon/News & Annoucement

The Story Of Smarty – Hannah

- 1st Local Pet Charity Telemovie in Malaysia

Team D’k9′s own little movie star. Congratulations to owner and handler Choy Seng Kah for starting off the year with a big bang for team D’K9. Look forward to more for year 2013.











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